In our deli counter, you will find plenty of dinner ideas as well as our made to order sandwich section.

We also stock many other "dry goods". Everything from cereal bars, beans and pulses, speciality flours to teas, coffee, meat substitutes, tofu and our range of chocolate.

             WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?

At Deli EK.co.uk we hope to offer a wide range of foods and flavours for you to try and to enjoy.

We have a passion for food and produce everything from scratch, using the freshest ingredients locally sourced that we can find. That's why we don't need to charge an arm and a leg for it.

Giving a nod to dietary needs, vegetarian, gluten/wheat free we also have a range of organic and fair-trade items too.

Our coffee is organic, fair-trade Arabica bean, our food is made by us every day, our packaging is all biodegradable....and our cakes are....lovely

What more could you want :-)

Come in and say hello, there are lots of special offers on offer for our opening.

As always, the proof is in the pudding. We are great believers in the try before you buy mantra.

Every week we have a sample menu, think of it like a restaurant, except you supply the seats.... The weekly menu will have a small selection of starters, mains, side orders, and then the best bit....Puddings!

We hope you enjoy looking around our site but remember to come in and have a look around. There's always something new to tickle your taste buds!

See you there.

Open Mon - Fri 7am-3pm


We use only organic, fair-trade Arabica beans for our coffee.

Our coffee is specially roasted for us, giving a strong full bodied flavour and most importantly the kick needed first thing in the morning!

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Order before 10am for free delivery.

01355 221 995

(all deliveries leave shop at 10am)

Min £10 Order

Mon - Fri 7am-3pm

Salad & Deli Counter

Our mix and Match salad counter is a real treat. Priced per tub, we'll help you cram in as much as you like.

Meals To Go

Food you would like to make yourself...if you had the time. Our meals change all the time. check the weekly menu for latest ideas.


We make them, you'll love them.

Our selection of cakes and tray bakes are made by us. From carrot cake to muffins to fruity flap jack. There will always be something to cheer up a dull day.

Sandwiches, made to order

We make sandwiches on our favourite breads, using our huge range of hand made fillings. Just the way you like it!